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Railfan Safety

As a Railfan, you always need to keep your safety and that of others foremost in your mind.  While trains are powerful, awe-inspiring sights, they are also cold, unfeeling chunks of metal that can kill you in an instant with even a glancing blow.  It is YOUR responsibility to remain safe while enjoying your hobby.  A moment's inattention can change your life forever.

Luckily, staying safe is easily accomplished by following a few common-sense rules:

*  Stay off of Railroad property!  This includes tracks, right-of-way, rolling stock, and anything
    else that you don't own.

*  Be alert.  Trains can be stealthily fast and can be on top of you in an instant.  But then, if you
    follow rule number one and stay off of railroad property, this shouldn't be an issue.

*  Be respectful.  Railroad workers have a job to do.  We know you want to ask them a
    million questions about what they're doing, but they need to concentrate on their jobs to be
    safe so don't be surprised or offended if they aren't interested in a lot of chit-chat.

*  Stay off of Railroad property!  We know, we know, we already mentioned this one but it's
    worth repeating.  You won't endanger your life or the lives of the train crew if you just give
    them room to do their jobs.

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