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Notice we list SAFETY first. That's because safety while RailFanning is a number one priority to us here at WhereAreTheTrains.com As a member of WhereAreTheTrains.com, you agree to be safe in all of your RailFan activities. This means you agree to:

*  STAY OFF OF ALL RAILROAD PROPERTY. This includes track, right of way, and all other railroad property

*  Only make reports of train locations when it is safe to do so. This means no reporting from your phone or other mobile device while driving or performing any other activity which requires your undivided attention.

*  Use common sense. Don't put yourself or others in danger in order to see a train or report a train sighting. Your life and the lives of others are more important than any train will ever be.


WhereAreTheTrains.com makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the correctness of the data you may receive while on this site. While we will make every attempt to insure members enter only accurate reports, we cannot guarantee it. WhereAreTheTrains.com will not be responsible nor held liable for any actions you take based on the data we provide or for any situations or injuries that may arise from your participation in this site. Use all data obtained from this site at your own risk.


If you are a Paid Member, we will make every attempt to send notification emails as quickly as possible. WhereAreTheTrains.com does not guarantee any email delivery times as there are many factors involved outside of our control.


Any intentional misuse of the web site can result in termination of your account with no right to a refund. Misuse can include:

*  Intentionally filing bogus reports

*  Hacking into another member's account