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Breaking Down a Train Sighting Report

Each time a train sighting report is filed, a Train Sighting Report is generated.  This report is sent to all subscribers who are following the location the report was made against.  In addition, the Train Sighting report is also available on-line from the Home page of WhereAreTheTrains.com.

Train Sighting Reports take all of the information entered by the member filing the report and string it together in (hopefully) an easy to read format.  The report is intentionally kept small and simple so the realtime email alerts can make their way to subscribers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here's what a Train Sighting Report contains:

Traing Sighting Report Anatomy
Things you should now about this screen:

*  If you're viewing the report on-line, you can map its location by clicking the Map It link included in the report
*  The email alerts are in the same format as the report shown here
*  Email alerts are sent in plan text format so as to be compatible with as many email packages as possible