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Email Alerts and Settings

One of the most useful features of WhereAreTheTrains.com is the ability to receive realtime email alerts when trains are spotted at locations you follow.  As a watt? member, you have complete control over when and where you receive these alerts, or if you want to receive them at all.

Email Alert Options by Subscription

You can decide whether or not to receive email alerts on a subscription-by-subscription basis.  When you display the list of subscriptions you currently have (by clicking on the Subscribe link in the main WhereAreTheTrains.com menu), each subscription listed will have a Yes or a No button under the Email? column. 

Subscription email option graphic

If Yes, this means you will receive email alerts for this subscription.  To change to a No, simply click on the Yes button to toggle it to a No.  If No and you want to receive email alerts for the subscription, click the No to toggle it to a Yes

Email Alert Optins by Time of Day

Now, while you might be okay with receiving train sighting alerts at all hours of the night and day, your significant other may not think it's such a great idea.  Regardless of whether you want to know whenever a train is spotted, or you want to know at only certain hours of the day, WhereAreTheTrains.com can accommodate your wishes.

To get to the Email Settings screen in watt?, click kthe My Account link in the WhereAreTheTrains.com main menu:

Account Menu Option graphic

Once your account information is displayed, click the Edit Email Settings link near the top of the screen. The following screen will then be displayed:

Email Settings Graphic
Things you should know about this screen:

*  If you wish to turn off all email alerts, uncheck the Email Alerts Enabled box
*  Enter an email address in the Alternate Email box to send alerts to an address other than the one you used to register for WhereAreTheTrains.com
*  A green checkmark in a box indicates you are willing to receive email alerts on that particular day of the week and time of day.
*  Times are local time for your location
*  The default times when you first create your watt? membership are:
    *  Saturday and Sunday:  10 am until 4 pm
    *  Monday through Friday:  9 am until 7 pm