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So, what is watt? Watt? is WhereAreTheTrains.com, and you can think of it as a kind of Twitter for Railfans. 

WhereAreTheTrains.com lets you define your frequent train spotting locations, report trains in realtime as you see them, and receive realtime e-mail train sightings from other Railfans as they file their reports.  Now, if you live next to a track that receives 100+ trains/day and is always active, maybe you won't really need watt? to find the trains.  But, If you live next to a track that's not quite so busy, like we here at WhereAreTheTrains.com do, you could use a little heads-up when a train is heading your way so you can pack up your gear and make it to your favorite watching spot before the train does.

That's the goal of WhereAreTheTrains.com:  to help railfans find and see more trains!

Is It Difficult to Use?

Using watt? is as simple as:

1.  Define Train Spotting Location(s)

2.  Subscribe to Other Railfan's Locations

3.  Report Train Sightings

Oh Yeah...a Couple of Other Things...

Here's a few other items that will make your time at watt? more enjoyable:

Email Alerts and Settings

Anatomy of a Training Sighting Report

Following Training Sighting Reports On-Line