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Reporting a Train Sighting

Locations and subscriptions exist for one and only one reason:  so train sightings can be recorded and dissimenated to other interested railfans.  That's where the reporting screen at WhereAreTheTrains.com comes into play.

Getting to the Report Screen

To file a train-sighting report, click on the Report link in the menu bar at the top of the screen, just under the WhereAreTheTrains.Com banner:

Report Menu Option graphic

Filing a Report

The Traing Sighting Report screen is a very simple screen.  It was kept simple so it would run with no problems on most, if not all, devices from PCs to smartphones.  After all, it is very likely you'll want to file a report while you're out in the field doing what you love...watching trains!

Report Screen graphic
Things you should know about this screen:

*  You can file a report for all locations you created, as well as all locations you subscribe to
*  In the "Where" drop down list, your locations are listed first, followed by locations you subscribe to
*  Tell us as much as you know about the sighting.  All of this information will be sent to subscribers of the location you report against
*  Be Safe!!!  Don't file a report via your smartphone or any device if it takes your attention away from driving, operating machinery, etc...
*  Click the Submit button to file the report.  A short message indicating how many subscribers will be notified is then displayed to you