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Subscriptions allow you to follow locations other than those that you create, and allows other members to follow locations that you may have created.  When you subscribe to a location, you are telling the system that you want to know when a train is spotted at that location.  You can subscribe to locations that are on the same railroad mainline as you so you'll get a heads-up when a train is approaching, or you can subscribe to locations clear across the country just because you want to.  It's completely up to you.

One important note here, when you create a location you are automatically subscribed to it.  You will only receive alerts about train sightings for locations you subscribe to.

Getting to the Subscription Screens

To maintain your list of subscriptions, click on the My Subscriptions link in the menu bar at the top of the screen, just under the WhereAreTheTrains.Com banner:

Subscribe Menu Option graphic

Subscription Maintenance

After clicking on the Subscribe link, the following screen will be displayed.  This screen shows all of the Subscriptions you currently have defined and allows you to edit their characteristics.

Subscription Menu graphic
Some things you should know about this screen:

*  Lists all of the subscriptions you currently have defined
*  You can control whether or not you receive email alerts for a particular subscription by toggling the Yes/No button in the Email? column
*  You can delete a subscription by clicking the Un-Sub button
*  If you want to see the location you are subscribed to on a map, click the Map It link
*  If the owner of a location you are subscribed to shares their personal information, their name will also be a link you can click on to view details
*  You can add new subscriptions by clicking the New Subscription(s) button

Subscribing To Locations

When you click the New Subscription(s) button, the following screen will be displayed:

Subscription Search Graphic
Things you should know about this screen:

*  This screen allows you to search for locations within X miles of a particular address
*  Select a distance from the dropdown list and enter the address to center your search on
*  You can enter a full or partial address.  Even just a city, state, or zip code will do the trick
*  Click the Search button to find all qualifying locations

After performing a search, a screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Subscription Search Results Graphic

Some things you should know about this screen:

*  Locations are displayed in order by proximity to the zip code you centered your search on
*  If you want to subscribe to a location, click the Subscribe button
*  If you want to see the location on a map, click the Map It link
*  If you are already a subscriber to a location, the Subscribe button will be grayed out
*  To begin a new search, click the New Search button

So, now we've created locations and subscribed to locations created by others.  Let's report some train sightings, shall we?  Click the button in the lower right corner of your screen to find out more!